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Lead Product Operations Administrator : CVPO-LADMIN-052121

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Friday, May 21, 2021

The Lead Product Operations Administrator serves as a technical leader among Product Operations Administrators. This position requires mastery of all Product Operations Administrator job functions, plus detailed destination and hotel knowledge, and comprehensive system knowledge (e.g. Plex, Drupal and Connector functionalities).

The Lead Product Operations Administrator must demonstrate the highest efficiency and quality in fundamental job responsibility as measured by load quantity (number of contracts and specials loaded in a given time period) and Quality (negligible load errors, client offloads and missed stop sells) in the Product Operations Administrator position.

Skills required for this position include, but are not limited to:

• College degree (BA or BS) or equivalent job experience is preferred
• Advanced-Intermediate computer skills (Excel, Outlook, Word Windows, and contract load applications), typing (50 WPM+)
• Strong analytical skills, problem solving skills and ability to multi-task in a dynamic environment
• Outstanding relationship and customer service skills
• Excellent verbal and written communications skills
• Ability to review current processes and offer comprehensive corrective efficiency improvements

Specific competency requirements are outlined below. The duties and responsibilities below set forth some, but not all, of the job requirements.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities: The Lead Product Operations Administrator is responsible for assisting with the interpretation of contracts, streamlining data, and enforcing processes for the Operations team. The Lead will be a point person for all elevated internal/external inquiries of the data entered into Classic’s Database and must be fluent with the following systems and processes:

• Plex
• Drupal
• Connector integration, and XML review
• Demonstrate knowledge of the above systems through the ability to train product administrators, suggest system enhancements, and process improvements
• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Smartsheet, and Outlook to be able to compose letters and emails, calculate buy/sell margins, and understand how data entry affects company profits
• Operational understanding of contract information including:
• Rate and inventory plans
• Vendor terms and conditions
• Classic Terms and conditions
• Demonstrate knowledge by identifying how and when the above terms impact CV profitability and operations
• Ensure vendor advising manifests & connector bookings have been successfully transmitted and/or received daily and appropriately actioned.
• Assume and initiate responsibilities including but not limited to:
• Serving as a primary tester for system enhancements
• QA contracts, addendum's, and other load-related information
• Exhibit product expertise and assist in providing deliverables to the product management team
• Resolve operational issues by interacting with appropriate departments
• Assume additional responsibilities as defined by supervisor and manager
• Implement training and quality programs for staff
• Initiate system enhancements to facilitate timely load
• Assist in the development of department objectives based on corporate strategies
• Generate all monthly & weekly vendor/internal reports through employee data, web reporting tools, and/or crystal reports

Communication Skills

• Demonstrate leadership skills within product line through mentoring team members, proposing inter and intra-departmental process improvements, and serving as a department and product-line “ambassador”
• Demonstrate solid verbal and written communication skills through vendor correspondence and intra-department correspondence. Not restricted to the course of daily activities, but for special projects, clearing reservations, and basic contract/operational issues.
• Verbal Skills- Must be able to answer calls from internal departments and vendors:
• Identify callers’ needs
• Research problem and source solution
• Provide quick, courteous, and logical response
• Keep others informed on the status of progress toward a solution
• Troubleshoot, document & elevate critical issues as needed to appropriate departments.

Personal Effectiveness/ Leadership Skills

• Seeking out projects, tasks, and responsibilities outside the scope of job requirements
• Consistently share best practices with all team members & across all product lines
• Provide leadership for the product operations team for line staff within external departments including reservations, customer service, IS, and inside sales.
• Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the Luxury mission by offering suggestions to improve internal service, product enhancements, and streamlined processes in team meetings and one-on-ones.
• Strive for 100% accuracy in the database
• Interface with Vendor Payables Dept. regarding reconciliation issues
• Assume additional responsibilities as defined by supervisor and manager
• Set & meet department productivity standards
• Set example for staff