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Classic Vacations Unveils New Custom Proposals

Press Release

  • August 07, 2017
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  • Press Release

Classic Vacations Unveils New Custom Proposals


San Jose, CA – Classic Vacations has relaunched its Custom Proposal tool with several key enhancements.

The online tool can be used by Travel Advisors to quickly create a list of possible destinations, hotels, and excursions, in order to present a curated Proposal to their clients. Travel Advisors can add their own logo and contact information and share the Proposal via link, email, or social media. In addition, Travel Advisors can now download the entire Proposal as a PDF in order to print or include with other travel documents.

Classic Vacations continues to add features that expand the possibilities for Travel Advisors using Custom Proposals. Travel Advisors can now create Pre & Post Cruise Recommendations, Destination Weddings Proposals, Best of Destination Lists, and ready-made sell sheets for common travel requests. Most notably, the team recently introduced the “Custom Item” feature, which allows Travel Advisors to add their own products and content not found on the Classic Vacations website, such as cruise or rail tickets.

According to Amy Logan, Director of Online Product Development at Classic Vacations, “We originally built the ‘Wanderlist’ tool to encourage our Travel Advisors to share hotel content with their clients, but once we saw how widely it was being used, we knew we had something bigger. Since the day it launched, Travel Advisors have been sending us ideas and requests for enhancements! We’ve now changed the name, added the most requested features, and expanded the tool to allow Travel Advisors to truly deliver Custom Proposals to every client.”

Interested travel professionals can learn more, and build their own Custom Proposals, at Classic Vacations’ website,

  • Bari Jain, Sr. Director of Marketing
  • 5893 Rue Ferrari, San Jose, CA 95138
  • Office: (408) 794-4438
  • [email protected]

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