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Classic Vacations Partners with Lomas Travel in Mexico

Press Release

  • June 04, 2018
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  • Press Release

Classic Vacations Partners with Lomas Travel in Mexico


San Jose, CA – Classic Vacations has announced that Lomas Travel, a Destination Management Company located in the Mexican Caribbean, will be added to its portfolio effective immediately.

Lomas Travel has been offering transfers, excursions, and other destination management services in the Yucatán for over 38 years. Lomas was previously the primary provider for TMTC—including FunJet Vacations, Southwest Vacations, and United Vacations—before Mark Travel’s acquisition by Apple Leisure Group. At that time, FunJet discontinued its 30-year ties with Lomas.

“Classic Vacations is very excited to have Lomas, and the great products and reputation of the Martinez family, as a choice for our customers for both group and FIT travel,” said David Hu, President of Classic Vacations. “Dolores, Joe, and their team have a tremendously loyal following in the TA community. We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Lomas.”

Mayaland Tours, celebrating a century of service, will continue as Classic Vacations’ primary provider in Mexico.

“Classic’s long relationship with Mayaland has helped as we continue to collaborate on many new offerings. Ultimately, adding Lomas provides another dimension to Classic’s portfolio and allows Travel Advisors to make the choice that works best for them,” said Hu.

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