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Classic Vacations Introduces Custom Group Websites

Press Release

  • November 06, 2018
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  • Press Release

Classic Vacations Introduces Custom Group Websites


San Jose, CA – Luxury travel wholesaler Classic Vacations recently introduced another element to their online services catalogue, Travel Together: private, customizable websites for groups traveling together.

Travel Advisors can easily enable Custom Group Websites via their Classic Vacations Group Coordinator, who will send a unique URL and instructions. The TA can then personalize the site for their clients, create a custom URL, and add booking information and an invitation code. Once the site is prepared, it is presented to the client’s designated Group Leader, who can then invite their group members and manage the site. The Group Leader can further enhance their Custom Group Website by adding personal photos, event details, and more.

“Our Custom Group Websites (CGW) have been a couple years in the making,” says Melissa Krueger, General Manager of Groups at Classic Vacations. “We designed this technology with our customers, for theirs. Uniqueness and efficiency are the hallmark of our custom sites. As our customer, you can use this tool as a market differentiator for your brand. When your clients send the URL to their potential group guests, your name and brand get out to hundreds of potential new clients. When the group guests utilize this, either for information only or to book—from a desktop or on their mobile, as this technology is completely responsive—you save time, and we continue to meet our mission of supporting you in building your business. Current customers who have already begun to adopt the use of the Custom Group Websites call it an industry ‘game changer’.”

Guests traveling with the group can create and manage their own booking and payment details, at their convenience. When using a Custom Group Website to manage group travel, all group guests will have access to live inventory, pulling directly from the contracted group space for hotels, air, and transfers.

According to Amy Logan, Senior Director of Online Platforms at Classic Vacations, “Our new Travel Together feature has been so fun to build because we know it will bring instant benefit to our Travel Advisors as well as their clients. We hope that Travel Advisors are able to use the Custom Group Websites as both a selling tool when working with new clients, and a booking tool for group guests.”

For additional information, Travel Advisors can visit, or email Classic Vacations’ dedicated Groups team at [email protected].

  • Lori Smith, Director of Global Marketing
  • 5893 Rue Ferrari, San Jose, CA 95138
  • Office: (408) 794-4440
  • [email protected]

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